It’s day what!!! 20? That cant be right can it?

Posted: January 23, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Day 20 and it is a quiet one. Most people took a night off last night while two people remained behind to hold the fort and get some work done. We are looking at a time where placement people are nearly half way through their placement and the return of the second years is imminent. We have plenty of promises of bodies once that happens. Also an old friend returns which we are all looking forward to massively! Barely a day goes by without someone saying “I miss Rozh”.

The political side of the campaign has been difficult to maintain with the government sneaking so much through at once and so many cuts hitting in places where there is little or no defence against such things left, it is hard to keep up with everything and that determination only gets you so far. With every cut we manage to oppose, stall, publicise, another one sneaks through or goes unopposed because there are not enough people standing up and saying that they are wrong. This makes us sad but that is why it is up to each person, in the occupation or not to be able to say “I did what I could and acted professionally and with dignity”. If we can do that, then we are doing a LOT better than Cameron and his friends.

That is one of the other points that we are considering all the time though really. They seem to actually believe what they are doing is necessary and right. They seem to be able to sell these cruel cuts because they actually believe they are justified. Apart from not noticing that they are obviously lining their own pockets as the rich that are getting richer are them. With 18 of the cabinet being millionaires, they are hardly representatives of any community any of us have ever lived in. They believe that the poor are just after a free ride and that they don’t really need the money because they can go out and work.

Well, Dave has betrayed disabled parents this week and apart from being utterly disgusting, it shows just how clueless this horrible little creature really is. According to many parents, the removal of the mobility component of disability living allowance is a direct attack on disabled children and their parents and one that Dodgy Dave should understand. It is also actually in direct violation of a campaign promise but that is pretty much standard in British politics these days. The parents do not understand how a benefit that is basically there to aid these children in having as decent a life as possible can just be cast aside because they need a few pounds saving for the bankers bonuses and so they can knock a couple of percent off corporation tax. I personally would say it is because Dave is alright and can afford to give his family all the support they will ever need and sod everyone else but what do I know?

It is things like this that should hit people the hardest, when these things are mentioned in the media, they have a social conscience shelf life of about two weeks and then they are forgotten generally. Why? Why should it be the case that some of the tragic stories of poverty and hardship parents have been discussing this week should only last two weeks? Because that is roughly how long it takes the next day’s tragic story and the 13 following it to completely dwarf the human ability to understand pain empathetically. Literally, life is so awful in Britain at the moment people can no longer process all the pain people are suffering, that should suggest something. To us it suggests that we will continue to fight with everything we have and with professionalism until this and every other corrupt government behave with the integrity and dignity their long suffering constituents and parents of disabled children manage every single day. We are not saying we are better than everyone, just Dodgy Dave.


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