Sunday Afternoon

Posted: January 23, 2011 in Uncategorized
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The Lord’s Day…

A day for the masses to rest, relax and generally, do nothing. Infuriatingly, for those of us who are fully aware that certain jobs are literally a case of 24/7, it becomes a painfully annoying day. Whilst there were no plans to perform any great tasks today, it becomes obvious to us, as during the week we are ridiculously busy, how little is achieved during these days. I am not sure whether it is because they are a weekly occurrence or whether it is just painful for individuals who are usually so active in our fight with the Tory government. Sorry, our “Coalition” government.

But there is one thing that we can do during these “down” days. We can think. And whilst some would say that thinking is a waste of our time and our time would be better spent traipsing around campus declaring to the alarming lack of students on campus that we are here, I would disagree. These days mean that not only are we able to consolidate our ideas, we are also able to free our minds of items that would take time from us during the week. And it is during the week when everyone with whom we must meet and greet is available, which means that our weekend must be spent free from distractions.

So whilst today is a day that will not be looked back on as a turning point in the campaign, there are others that will. January the 29th, an essential date for your diary if you are a member of Leeds Trinity (be you student or staff). LTSAC are putting on coaches to take anyone interested to Manchester to a march and rally which is aimed to protest against the cuts into Access to Education and Higher Education funding. This protest is vital, because the government needs to know that it is not ok to prevent people being educated.

Our government, in their infinite wisdom, seem to have decided that the best method of advancing our country and breaking free of the recession, is to discriminate against those who had the least to do with the deficit that our country stares at everyday. And instead this, maybe we should look at how we can fix our “broken Britain“. Perhaps that would be a good use of our governments time, instead of just diverting attention from real issues and cutting funding from areas where it is needed. free ante natal classes are being cut, putting both pregnant women and their unborn children at risk. When did our politicians become so worryingly devious, underhanded and just plain wrong?


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