Week 3 leading up to a march.

Posted: January 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

Third week and what has happened so far? Well we have broken a few records and started a serious campaign but there has been little movement from the institution one way or the other, there is a total lack of transparency, of assurance in what we are trying to achieve, in the support we are supposedly receiving. Things take time and have a process but at the same time, things can also happen a lot faster than they are doing. There is little movement from management on our demands as yet but that will hopefully shift as we begin to explain who we are to them. The march is going to be the next big push really, we have 100 places to fill in less than a week now, which is going to be interesting to say the least but we are quietly confident we can get that done. We are still actually hoping to get more so, if you are a Trinity student who wants to go along to the national protest on the 29th of January pop down to the occupation and get yourself a ticket for £5.
The November 10th march last year started a lot of this campaign and is where all this started for a lot of us. The people on the coach knew roughly who each other were but hadn’t gotten around to actually becoming active in a lot of cases. From there we realised that the effects on Trinity were going to be harsher than most and we came together to make sure the things we expected, did not happen to everyone, whether current or prospective students at Leeds Trinity. As we began to consider what was going to happen to Trinity, we started to notice things in the institution which seemed to require guarding against and as we looked at how to oppose them, things got even more complicated. The institution, the education system, the ideology of a lot of the institutions seemed to have problems within them and a lot of this comes from the reduction of people’s voice mattering.
As we look into democracy, some as new people to it and some as old hat activists, there seems more than ever a total disregard for what people think, what they think matters and their attitude to the voting process. This is not just nationally with the general elections but locally as well, the student voice at Trinity has not been ignored as such but there is a definite attitude of people’s voice not seeming to matter and each individual cannot make a difference, so trying is not worth it. Which is odd in a country where there is a program which actually costs money to vote on every ten minutes and people will spend a fortune ringing in for that.
That is the point though, isn’t it? We are not SUPPOSED to think we can make a difference by voting so that Cameron and his dodgy mates can continue to make their friends richer at our expense because they all vote; they would have to because only really stupid and sadist working class people vote Tory. The game is rigged and people do not believe in the system anymore because it has yielded idiot, thief and crook for too long but there are only a couple of ways to actually stop that happening, get involved with a movement that opposes it or overthrow parliament and start again. Since overthrowing parliament sounds risky, it is probably better just to get active and get your voice heard in every way you can, like joining the occupation for instance. The government, the management, the governors, whoever cannot ignore you if you are loud enough and if there are enough of you, it has a history and it is the way the people being oppressed have always fought back.


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