A community approach

Posted: January 25, 2011 in Uncategorized
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A message that is really ringing true in the student body of Leeds trinity and this is in all areas, is how supportive and amazing the lecturers are.
Leeds trinity has lecturing staff that are professionals in their fields, both past and present and the nature of Trinity as an institution allows this professional knowledge to be passed on very effectively, in an institution like trinity it is possible for all students to speak at length to lecturers and tutors about their subjects almost 5 days a week.
To us in the occupation and the rest of the student body this is amazing and this is what made almost every student here choose Leeds Trinity as their university, we all feel like we have not only gained a education from being here but it encourages us to become a more involved member of a community.
With this in mind we are looking at arranging events that will get the collective interest of the student body, we want to be a community one that cares about this institution its future and the supportive lecturers we have teaching us.
Based on this we will begin to split the campaign focus , one direction will be to get the student body more active and involved through events such as fancy dress nights, themed nights, film and social events.
Community is a big part of what makes this university appealing to so many and community is something we are committed to nurturing in order to help remove bullying, help stabilize a healthy supportive learning environment and to ensure that this student community has the chance to get informed and involved in society.
In order to address the cuts to education and the cuts to all areas in Britain, people need to feel like they can ask for information but, not be forced in to having it. To combat these cuts we need to first combat the disconnected feeling between a nation and its citizens.
Unity will cement our cause and our cause will drive back the ideological assault on this countries citizens. We will fight to stop these draconian legislations and this government will be replaced sooner or later by one that keeps its promises and values each individual. Not just those with wealth.

Solidarity and Good Health.


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