Inclusivity at Trinity

Posted: January 26, 2011 in Uncategorized
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One issue that seems to actually fit the campaign but also, fit the university as well, is inclusivity. The reason conservatism doesn’t work first and foremost is always inclusivity. If everyone is required to work, which conservatism requires, then people who cannot work, whether that is because there are no jobs or because they are disabled or too old, there are gaps in society which are not allowed for. The conservative take on this, is that the free market provide for these people but can you really see ASDA forking out a few million for people they can’t even employ on minimum wage? Not likely and with workers rights in England being some of the worst in Europe, it is not on the cards either.

Conservatism always backs up the rich and makes them richer but beyond that, it leaves key demographics unaccounted for and unable to exist at a decent level. Blame is always placed on the individual for not getting a job but the fact is, with 500,000 already unemployed directly because of this government and a LOT more on the way, how exactly are people supposed to get a job? These people will not be allowed for and the people who cannot work in the first place are hardly ever allowed for under a capitalist government anyway. If you want some examples of this, just consider them removing the mobility component of Disability Living Allowance from disabled children.

How does all this tie into the movement at Trinity, well apart from the fact that we are all part of society and should care for each other and ensure that everyone is provided for, especially those who cannot provide for themselves, there is the issue of us being part of microcosms in society which are comparative. Every social system we exist in is influenced by the ones around it and attitudes are passed along. If you consider unemployment, as people are told they are worthless by society and the government for not having a job, violent crime, theft and other directly related crimes increase. This is not because, as is suggested, criminal activity responds to more money being available but because people need to turn to crime when benefits are slashed and jobs are not available to survive. There are literally hundreds of studies which reinforce that.

It is not actually the point we are making at the minute though. As we consider things like the marginalisation of the disabled, the unemployed and everyone else being treated appallingly by this government, we also must consider the effect this has on our own microcosmic society. Devolution of ideals is a prevalent sociological theory and basically states that the people behave as the rulers do, in a diluted but related manner, so if the government are telling people of little financial influence they are worthless, that is what society does and bigotry goes through the roof.

This is mirrored in our own society. As we look at things like bullying, this is always on the increase and as society becomes more and more disillusioned with the authorities ability to intervene in things like bullying or indeed as it is encouraged by governments or management positions, it becomes the norm for everyone to achieve their daily goals, if they are being treated badly, then why shouldn’t they also treat people around them badly in return? This is one explanation for some of the disgusting behaviour we see around us every day.

There is a culture of bullying at Trinity that is not being dealt with in a manner that is even approaching suitable. While people are in place, there is a growing need to keep students in university or risk losing money but if these students are actually destroying other students lives, then why should they be allowed to benefit from an education? The education they surely deserve is an expulsion and some serious time to think about themselves as a person. I don’t think there is a single person on campus that can’t remember at least once where another student has gotten away with something that in the working world would be automatic dismissal. At what stage does the cost to another student’s life stop equalling the money cost of a bully? Surely, there should be a place for the students’ union to deal with these people in the way each of us would expect them or someone to do if people are behaving in such a way as to deserve expulsion or at least public shaming.

Please also have a look at our amazing friend’s sites: Is one of our new friends, check out her blog. – awesome artist who designed a poster for the occupation and is literally one of the nicest people on the planet! We love Nate Bear! He also resulted in Tanis being referred to forever as Scarfy


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