Gigs for the cause

Posted: January 27, 2011 in Uncategorized
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The mood in the camp today is one of anticipation. The next few days should prove to be seismic as far as the movement and the occupation goes, with the likelihood of change, one way or another on the immediate horizon. However, this isn’t going to stop the ball from continuously rolling towards our goal. There is an LTSAC Community Fun Campaign planning meeting tonight set to give students the chance to voice their opinions on what events they would like to have arranged for fun and entertainment.
This meeting is the first step in the movement’s attempts to shed a reputation as a purely political body, to one which is doing everything it can to fight the cuts, but adding a fun spin to help motivate and include more of the student body. This initiative should give any students out there who were previously nervous or unsure about being involved in the occupation or the anti cuts campaign the chance to come along and have fun with us, while figuring out which ways are best to move forward in this fight.
One of the event possibilities which have been raised already is that of LTSAC gig nights. With the distinct lack of live music available to students living on this campus, we feel it is only fair to attempt to provide this simple pleasure and will be planning how exactly to go about doing so in coming days. With this area already being rather isolated from a core area for live music, somebody has to take on that responsibility and we feel ready to do that.
The plan would be to introduce rising local talent from the Leeds area to our Trinity students, for a low cost (if not no cost at all) Of course the exact venues and details have not fully been ironed out yet, as this is only a preliminary idea. We would appreciate any feedback on the topic from you guys, so if anybody has any experience in music promotion which they would like to offer, or any possible suggestions for unsigned Leeds acts that they feel should be playing on campus, feel free to either comment on this blog or even better drop into the occupation and have a word with one of us directly!
But remember, we PROBABLY won’t be able to book Kaiser Chiefs for any upcoming events…


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