We have now been delivered 6 chairs, a computer chair and one of the desks, with another desk due to be delivered at some point during the week (we hope)! Today has been mainly organising, tidying and rearranging furniture but it’s all good fun.

The first campaign being set up is the fun campaign, where we will be setting up different event to get everyone involved, but that’s all to come! We want to show people that we are engaged with our student body and people can come up to the office and talk to us, we are not that scary, honest. The next campaign is linking in with the psychology society (of which a few of us are on the board of), where sometime in March the psychology society will be a holding a day long, campus wide fundraising and awareness event. We have a lot of events planned out in our on going campaign and we will continue to be active in the anti cuts campaign because at the end of the day this government is crippling this country and ignoring its citizens

So there is all sorts coming up and of course it will all link in to the on-going anti-cuts campaign in general, busy, busy, busy!

Just a short one for now, but keep checking for the upcoming events!

Please also have a look at our amazing friend’s sites:


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