Trade unions and police tactics

Posted: January 31, 2011 in Uncategorized
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The Tories have started to blame the recession and the failing economy on the trade unions, so, how likely is that actually to be the case? Well, we would suggest that actually, there is zero chance that is actually the case. It is hilarious that this came after the most useless chancellor in the history of pointless Eton idiots ever, claimed that the reason the economy wasn’t recovering was the snow. Yes George, because it has never ever snowed in England and we were totally not expecting some snow in January. It is equally ridiculous that the unions have stopped economic recovery and even if it isn’t, let’s examine it as an idea.

The unions central preoccupation, their raison d’être if you will, is to ensure that people work fair hours, for fair money and are not treated badly by their employers, so if they are causing an economic crisis, then the economic crisis should be unfixable. Are we expected to believe that this man is clever enough to get both feet into his trousers alone if he cannot work out that saying that the unions, who make sure people are treated fairly, are stopping economic recovery by making working conditions fair, which says really horrible things about the economy? If the workers cannot have fair conditions while paying for the bankers’ mistake, then maybe someone other than the workers should be paying for the bankers’ mistake, the bankers for instance.

So, the guy who is supposed to figure out how to spend the countries money is too stupid to realise when his argument states that people should work in unfair conditions. Is it coincidence that at the same time as this is happening, police horses are stamping people in a kettle, people are being arrested for carrying offensive weapons that are in their bag and the police cannot reasonably know about until they have falsely arrested someone and pepper spray is being used on people opposing tax dodgers? We rather think not. The message is clear. The working people of Britain are being made to pay this debt, or else! Fascism anyone?

The workers in this instance for the first time in a long time are actually in such a position that this includes the lower middle class and some of the upper middle class in the group that are facing financial crisis. There are much worse times coming and everyone knows it and what are the government doing? They are making people heartily aware that there is nothing they can do about it except have their benefits taken away, pay more for substandard housing and take it or face a beating. Theresa May, that shrewd harpy is also making sure people know, if they step out of line, they will face much harsher penalties for anything considered anti-social behaviour, such as having a voice and daring to suggest the government are not just wrong but evil.

As we consider this, we must also consider however, the attitude towards the police at this time. Some of them are acting with a callousness that is beyond comprehension and there will be many episodes from every area where one of them have acted inappropriately but does that mean that all of them are acting in this way? Apparently not, some of our friends got a photo with one who was positively friendly looking, so they can’t all be bad, can they? The rumbling feeling coming from our group and others is that actually, except for the Met, the orders to behave this way is clear and ordered. With a force that condones using sex to gain influence in undercover positions within activist groups, can we really be expected to believe that ALL of this behaviour is badly behaved individuals in the force and not bad bosses reacting to the whim of a fascist government hell bent on destroying the working people of the country, to allow their draconian cuts to crush us all?


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