The student experience

Posted: February 1, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Okay, so, we are in the office and are starting to organise what is next, which is great. There are plans, many plans but most of those rely on people getting more involved than they have been in the past. There is little point running an anti-cuts campaign if we are not going to do it properly. The point of all of the campaign and our part in it, is to get the student body politicised so they can play an active part in their future and to ensure that the student experience at Trinity is not affected by the Tory cuts.

So, what is the student experience? Seriously, what is the student experience, we have asked this question and everyone seems to have a different idea about it. The general gist seems to be, the students are barely aware there is one but are largely anaesthetised with boredom or beer, the tutors seem to think it is something along the lines of becoming active thinkers in society, while getting involved in things that are going on around them and management seem to think it has something to do with buildings and deadlines.

We think that the student experience should be everything everyone expects it to be when they first arrive at Trinity. Whether that is active societies to get involved in, sports teams and clubs, a vibrant campus you don’t spend your first year counting down the minutes until you never have to set foot on it again except for lectures and some facilities that meet the needs of everyone that want to take a part in anything, within reason. This seems pretty simple, though really costly and that seems to be the problem, everything has a price tag on it and we don’t like it. If you want to run a society, there are rules about how much money you take, how many people you have to have, what facilities are available and things like that. The main facilities on campus are always busy and no t really open to student use but it is OUR campus isn’t it?

So, we are suggesting that actually, there should be so many activities that they cannot not book us in as we will just flood the campus either way. There are stories from everyone about the shenanigans of their uni days being filled with really hilarious things that sound unreasonable but may have happened and that should be the case for us too. Everyone should feel that they can have a well funded society, that is built around them actually getting to do things but there is very little money going into the union and even less coming from it. By the union we don’t mean LTU, we mean NUS. They don’t send any money here, for anything, they are not even providing the means to support their own initiatives but they are expecting a hell of a lot of student satisfaction forms with marketable information on them. So, what are the NUS for? Well, they are an easy Labour seat for anyone that runs it and they are a discount store card for stores that are mostly owned by tax dodgers and the banks that caused this problem in the first place. Cahoots is an awesome word, don’t know what made me think of that….


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