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Posted: February 3, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Well, today should be a busy one. There is a joint union meeting between Unison and UCU at lunchtime. There will be an LTSAC meeting tonight in the office at 5, which should be interesting to say the least. There is a socialist student meeting afterwards, where Andy is going to do a lead off about how to deal with the far right and who exactly the EDL are, all welcome but please bear in mind, it will be a political meeting and not the forum for disagreement. If you want to disagree, stay around after and we will do that.

So, what else is going on? We have the office now and I think some people are seeing the triumph as a bit of a concession on our principles, which is silly, we are not going soft but how long can we be expected to maintain an occupation with limited support and limited recruitment? Not to mention, that we are one of the very few occupations that had any demands met or even acknowledged. The point of the office is start to deal with the issues of the wider students concerns regarding the cuts and to educate, inform and involve the wider student body, once we have convinced them that this is a massively serious issue that all at Trinity should be at least concerned about.
The office has a different attitude about it of course, we are much less frustrated with each other and the world in general, except the tories but that is not going away any time soon. The campaign are working on many levels now, one to try and inform people about the issues in a much more accessible way, one to continue to press our demands with management and the other to be involved in the wider anti cuts movement and start to have a presence at the wider student, worker and anti-cuts movements that are growing all over the country.

We have several thousand meetings to attend and that is only because we don’t have the people to attend several million. The meetings vary from very useful to extremely annoying but they have to be done. We are talking to LUAC (Leeds University Against Cuts) and LMAC (Leeds Met Against Cuts) about joint funding advertisement printing, so there are practical issues as well. Not to mention, the universities are a huge part of the business community in Leeds, we should be able to leaflet in the community and expect a positive response. To that end, we are talking with other wider movements about involvement in their campaigns as well.

The sad realisation is, that there are so many places facing closure, so many cuts that are devastating much needed services all over the country but without an office like this, we would not have a chance of even hearing about them all without people constantly monitoring, talking and getting involved with each other. The tactic from the government seems to be, attack everything all at once and get the cuts through before people can get to their feet, which we are not going to allow. The slow nature of the rising, suggests that people have become a little too comfortable but as we look at what is being attacked, people are being given no choice but to notice now. Travel, advice, services and many other things are all under attack, people are going to have to start saying it is not acceptable to remove basic human rights.


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