About the Campaign

This blog is for Leeds Trinity students and supporters who oppose the regressive and ideological cuts that are proposed by the ConDem Government. This blog will keep you updated on all the current goings on in the campaign.

The Browne Review has been published and it recommends that the Government should remove the cap on tuition fees for higher education; allowing Universities to charge exactly what they want. This will be catastrophic if it goes through. Introducing marketisation in to higher education will lead to a two tier education system, with poorer students being priced out!

Education is a right for all, NOT just the privileged few!

United together we can fight against these cuts to HE and the rise in tuition fees.

Save Higher Education NOW!

Get Involved!

Go to http://anticuts.com/ for more info on the movement.

Join Our Facebook Group: “Leeds Trinity Students Against Cuts”

  1. David and fiona Barr says:

    Great to see you last week. The fight must go on and the unions and those who care must run with you. Stuart andrews the con MP gave out prizes at horsforth school last night!!!!!!!!! Shaking hands with the year group he has decided to punish with fees when they try for uni. The nerve of the man.
    Keep the faith

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