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A member of the occupation attended a student committee yesterday to see how the movement as a whole across not only Yorkshire and the north but in Britain as an entirety will begin to come together. this will include meeting dates, proposed plans and so forth.
The meeting involved members from schools, colleges the community and the universities(Leeds Met,Leeds uni and Leeds Trinity).

some progress came of meeting as a movement and it once again meant that new connections were formed for everyone, this included a donation suggestion from a member of the Leeds Trade council which is very much appreciated and a member is due to visit us during the week.
We have some other events going on during the remainder of this week, but as many of you will be aware the room we are occupying is due to be under construction.
This construction is not only unwanted by the staff (who’s social space it is) but is also due to be a considerable amount of money, based on this we have now been told by our liaison with management that that construction will be starting Thursday 27th Jan.
Due to this deadline it will mean that we are going to be asked to move on that date which may be a contentious issue.

As such we have once again stated that we want some movement on our demands we are not happy with the level of respect or recognition that management has been giving us. It not only shows a unwillingness to follow through on the ‘support’ we are supposed to be getting it also shows a lack of support and care for the national economical situation as well as the ideological assault of the poor.

Continued support for our campaign has been great with a vegan food delivery from a friend and a supportive visitor from the leeds college of music bringing a big shop for us. this is greatly received!

Our biggest concern this week other than the impending building work deadline is getting people to Manchester March on the 29th.
If anyone from Leeds trinity would like to go to the march this Saturday in Manchester (staff or student) come and visit us in occupation and we will sign you up for a minimal charge of £5 pounds.

The demonstrations are an important aspect of the campaign as the vast numbers that take to the streets are a automatic representation of social change and the more voices and feet on the street the more we can make change happen.

Keep reading, keep supporting and keep fighting.
Solidarity and good health