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Well, it certainly has been a most interesting past few days in occupation. At one point, according to some of our misguided peers, we were dead. Now whilst I do not blame them for thinking that, but come on now. To paraphrase V for Vendetta ‘you cannot kill an idea.’ Instead of fighting on the seas and oceans, we’ll fight (figuratively of course, this is a peaceful protest) in the hall ways and the classrooms to the end. We shall defend our Leeds Trinity from these moronic cuts, so that it does not rise to some great cost to our staff and to our students.
Yesterday, we were informed of the receipt of our demands. I wonder what facial expressions might have held when actually viewing the demands. Surprise? Alarm? Awe? Who knows, certainly not this humble blogger. But this shows great leaps forward by our campaign in the minds of the management of our Leeds Trinity. We have been given “support” before but this shows us a real level of interest rather than just words to cling to.
With the receipt of our demands, we have also been given key victories to give us a continual hope. The declaration has gone out and there shall be no persecution or penalisation of students acting on their legal right to protest with some small revisions to be made. This was a key demand due to the simple fact that it would be to persecute any student who maintained a perfectly legal protest.
We have also been granted a permanent office space to run our campaign from. This shows a commitment to our cause by the movers and shakers of our Trinity. This is a definitive step in the right direction for LTUC as she begins to stand against the Tory idiocy. We’re proud of our university and it seems about time that people realise this. We’re not protesting just for the sake of it. We’re protesting for a great institution. We’re protesting for the students who follow us and the staff who support and nurture our development, because we students here to have the quality of education they deserve and the staff to have that same friendly supportive environment they offer us.
Trinity is not bricks and mortar to us trinity is an ethos and one that is made unique by the students and staff that are here, we will continue to do everything we can to protect Trinity because without the staff, students and the attitudes they have to the wellbeing of our education these buildings are as important as sapphires to a cow.
Two of our demands have been met and we can’t help but feel that this is a victory for the campaign. Whilst it is not the final victory, it is still a sign of great progress. Before these demands being met and receipt of our demands being met, it was hard not to see those in high places just not taking us seriously. To some, we were just a bunch of students getting bent out of shape over something that couldn’t be helped. That is wrong. It can be helped, just look at the Poll Tax reversal. Legislation was brought in, the people resisted and the government were sent packing.
Our Trinity has seemingly turned around and shown us support as we have supported her and for this, we are grateful. There are far too many individuals and groups to thank all at once after this first palpable victory in our campaign. We must however, give special thanks to UCU and Unison for their commitment and awesome support. In the words of one of us protesters, “they’ve just generally been great” and this sentiment is one that is shared. So follow the example of these great unions and give us your support. Any form of support is useful to us and with us beginning office hours next week, with less smell and peculiarity that the occupation has been accustomed to, just drop by to AS46 at some point next week. But before next week, we have a march to do. If you’re free Saturday, why not join us in Manchester to show the government that they are wrong to take away a child’s opportunity of education? £5 gets you there and back and then we go to the SU bar to celebrate. Fun times for all.