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Hello All

It has been some time since the WordPress page has been active, although you may be aware LTSAC as a body of students has still been continuing its campaigns.

Since our last post members of LTSAC have gained a majority position on the Students union and as of July there official began, they hold positions in Welfare, Women’s’, men’s and general secretary positions.
As well as this other members of the students union are supportive of the work the anti cuts campaign has and continues to undertake.

You may or may not also be aware that the general Horsforth Community has set up a anti cuts movement in hope of highlighting how the governments austerity measures are and will impact the community and those living in it.

There is currently an ongoing scenario on the locality of LTSAC as recent events have seen the imminent repossession of the agreed office space (AG46) over the summer period.

We hope to continue to use this WordPress page to keep you up dated on events in the future. However, for the time being it will be largely innactive.

Thank you all
and solidarity.


Second week in the office and the campaign is rolling now, a lot of advertising for the coming demonstration in March to which we are selling tickets to in our office AS46.
If you are interested in going to the demonstration on the 26th of March but are still unsure about things come up and have a chat, we will put your mind at rest and hopefully encourage you to bring family and friends too.
Once again it has been a busy and yet productive weekend, Andy and Jordi attended an executive meeting for the UCU on Saturday and gave some up dates with the campaign followed by some much appreciated applause. The members did a whip around seeing us raise a nice little donation for campaign materials; it is always nice to see committed individuals.
One issue that came up over and over both by ourselves and by the UCU members was addressing this culture of fear that seems to have developed around protesting, the media sensationalises violence in protests in order to reinforce this culture of fear, by creating a moral panic and all together negative portrayal of protests it puts people of attending.
Firstly, the violence that may occur at a protest is confined to small groups of individuals and this is not representative of the larger mood of actions of protesters. The Manchester anti cuts march on the 29th of January proved this, not only did unions and students take to the streets but so too did young children and families. Toddlers smiled from their prams with the hustle and bustle of the march and school children of all ages raised signs from ‘Let me learn’ right down to cut nuclear ‘weapons not my future.’
It is inspiring to see a nation take to the streets in Egypt and that is because they are fighting against corruption and for justice, its easy to see images of riot police In London of tanks in Egypt and get scared. But, remember protesting is a right and one everyone has and should use if you feel your voice doesn’t deserve to be listened to on the streets then why do you think it will be listened to when you complain to your MP about broken roads or not being able to afford to send your kids to school.
We want to try and remove this fear, if anyone would like to chat to us about protests or the movement, or would just like to speak about the anti cuts campaigns here and in the rest of the country we are happy to help.
We are in the office 9-5 most days so drop in and have a cup of tea and a chat.
Solidarity and good health.

And so another day in the occupation draws to a close. And whilst our bodies are tired and our minds are blurring, our focus remains the same. We must stop the cuts.
We must remind not only our fellow students, but Britain itself that it is not the people of our country who should fear the politicians but it is entirely the other way around.

Today has been a busy and productive day. Having a stall in the main reception area, with a variety of bright, keen and youthful faces adorning it, has yielded more results for us. Our petition has grown in number and we now sit proudly with over 200 names that stand with us in rejecting the Condem cuts.

As awareness is raised, we have seen that more and more people are interested in us and the message we are trying to raise awareness over. Perhaps that is what is so worrying about these Government decisions. People just haven’t been informed. Surely the Government should inform the people who voted them in, exactly what they are doing with the power that they now have responsibility for?
The same goes for the university, as stake holders in the future of this university students have the right to know the stability of the institution.

Not only have we had the joy yielded from petitioning but we are also filled with a certain, giddy feeling that only the visit of a national newspaper can bring. For a fair length of the day, we were graced (because she was lovely) by the presence of Anne Czernik, who is a independent reporter doing a mention for the Morning Star, who was curious not only about what we stood for but who we actually are. Photographs were taken, opinions were heard and all in all, it was enjoyable to get a serious message across in a creative way, and there shall be an article this Saturday that will in all probability, have a much better written style than this blog.

Today we have also been given a grand boon to our mental well being. Petition are in the area of 260 signatures so far and this is without the return of our other supports copies as of yet. We have a grand realisation upon us. Tomorrow at 1:00 O’ Clock, 13:00 hours or whatever you want to refer to it as, we have our rally. As far as everyone is aware, it is the first rally that is ever happening on the Leeds Trinity campus. So not only are we the first occupation but we’re having the first rally (it is rare for a student to get to blow their own horn, please allow for a small amount of it). We are excited as to what the future holds for us, especially as it is so soon. It’d be amazing for you to join us tomorrow and to show the support that has already proved so great. We are united and the people united, can never be defeated.