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The events in Egypt are a global phenomenon and are being watched and heard about all over the world, it bears considerable weight here in the U.K with the majority of people. The left wing groups in the U.K seem to be keeping considerable track of events, with our twitter page going crazy with updates on the situation, due to the cuts the government are carrying out many left wing groups feel they share an affinity and empathy (as everyone should) with the Egyptian people.

Many people in the U.K make reference to the protests and the activism in Egypt being the same as that here in the U.K which while on a basic level is true, though it is also something that we personally do not agree with. The simple fact is that while activists in the U.K and activists in Egypt struggle against an oppressive government that seeks to exploit and ideologically attack its poorest citizens, the levels in which the government are acting is completely different.
Egypt’s citizens faced their own military, a frightening concept indeed. Where as in the U.K the ever growing prospect of a police state is becoming apparent even to the most a political of people.
As of this morning however the Egyptian military have begun supporting the efforts of the anti government movement clearing the square of Mubarak’s supporters.
2011 is looking to be a real time of global change and as such, it should be a time where everyone looks around at the troubles abroad and in our own society and begin to realise that ideological assaults are targeting all but the richest citizens. People need to start pulling together and helping the anti cuts movement in any way they can. If this means just dropping in to chat with us at the LTSAC office, which operates a 9-5 open door drop in Monday to Friday or even helping with awareness and participation in events and attending protests, that is great. Everyone’s contribution is valued and everyone’s opinion will be heard, we are a community and part of being a student community and a member of Leeds Trinity University College is to become an informed and socially active individual.
Leeds Trinity encourages ”empowerment of individuals, enabling them to contribute to their community as productive, enterprising and creative citizens of the world.” (Quote from page 2 of Leeds Trinity University College strategic plan 2007-2012, revised Nov 2009).
This is something that we encourage from all students and certainly something that LTSAC are passionate about; by following this concept it means we aim to address the attack on education and this country’s most vulnerable by the government. We want to offer our students a campus that they are proud of and want to spend time on after their daily education is over.

Solidarity to all that strive to combat the oppression and greed of the worlds richest and their attack on the vulnerable.


Getting used to another situation and a new office. People are tired, annoyed and dealing with a lot of pressure while deciding how to get this new thing moving. We have all discussed the many things we are hoping to do from the office and know where we are going with it but as people are still reporting the same old tired behaviour from students on campus, it seems a daunting task. There are still parties going on till 7 in the morning that are really loud. This is fair enough but it is not fair enough when you have a lecture then next day. There are a lot of complaints that seem to be pushing out into the community but not really going where they should. People not really realising that they have a voice and it should be listened to.

The student voice was talked about yesterday morning but it seems to have been diluted. We think this is because the political voice everywhere is largely muted. People in Britain don’t complain, well, except stupid fascists and no-one cares what they think. It is a tradition and almost an identity that the British that are too polite to complain about anything. This just seems like an invitation for people to deliver bad service, not care and still get paid. This is just not acceptable, people have a right and a duty to complain if they are being treated unfairly. People have a right and a duty to oppose oppressive government and this right and duty doesn’t change, whatever age you are.

The apathy that every anti-cuts movement is dealing with, we feel has come from a generation of people getting just enough to not want to complain about the awful conditions people work in and the gradual decrease in rights protection. The Labour party’s gradual creeping death seems to have largely worked and some of the initiatives they brought in were of value but, it was at a cost it would seem. The cost is that people don’t feel that complaining will make anything better. People feel that once they have enough to live, to an almost acceptable level, then if they complain they will lose the little they have. The working conditions in Britain are some of the worst in Western Europe and nothing has been said because people don’t complain. People are really not going to keep asking until they get a satisfactory lifestyle.

Alicia from the socialist party last night was talking about the bread and roses strike, where protestors, largely women protestors, won their demands to get their wage back and after they had won that, carried on to demand a pay increase and fewer hours for the workers. This should serve as an inspiration to people that not only is it possible to win but at the same time, every person should get involved and demand that not only they but everyone in society has a decent lifestyle, an opportunity to work in fair conditions and equality.

A message that is really ringing true in the student body of Leeds trinity and this is in all areas, is how supportive and amazing the lecturers are.
Leeds trinity has lecturing staff that are professionals in their fields, both past and present and the nature of Trinity as an institution allows this professional knowledge to be passed on very effectively, in an institution like trinity it is possible for all students to speak at length to lecturers and tutors about their subjects almost 5 days a week.
To us in the occupation and the rest of the student body this is amazing and this is what made almost every student here choose Leeds Trinity as their university, we all feel like we have not only gained a education from being here but it encourages us to become a more involved member of a community.
With this in mind we are looking at arranging events that will get the collective interest of the student body, we want to be a community one that cares about this institution its future and the supportive lecturers we have teaching us.
Based on this we will begin to split the campaign focus , one direction will be to get the student body more active and involved through events such as fancy dress nights, themed nights, film and social events.
Community is a big part of what makes this university appealing to so many and community is something we are committed to nurturing in order to help remove bullying, help stabilize a healthy supportive learning environment and to ensure that this student community has the chance to get informed and involved in society.
In order to address the cuts to education and the cuts to all areas in Britain, people need to feel like they can ask for information but, not be forced in to having it. To combat these cuts we need to first combat the disconnected feeling between a nation and its citizens.
Unity will cement our cause and our cause will drive back the ideological assault on this countries citizens. We will fight to stop these draconian legislations and this government will be replaced sooner or later by one that keeps its promises and values each individual. Not just those with wealth.

Solidarity and Good Health.

The anticipation within the group is palpable ahead of this afternoon’s rally, which could prove to be vitally important for our campaign. At 1pm we will be gathering outside reception on campus along with tutors, staff and students from the university, as well as some supporters from outside Trinity. This rally will be the first of its kind in the history of the college, and we are hoping for a huge success to help spearhead our movement.
There has been much preparation leading up to this afternoon over the previous week, including flyering across campus to get the word around, using Facebook to publicise the event and a banner painting session last night at the occupation. It’s been both stressful and fun utilizing the effort of everybody involved to try and make this afternoon as great as possible. Now, we wait.
One of the things we hope for most to come from today is that tutors will come out in their droves to support our cause, stand side by side with us and demand justice for education. The very least we expect from the rally is to raise awareness of the issues which now plague our education system, both locally and nationally. If we can inform students on campus of the problems they may face as a result of these savage and poorly orchestrated cuts, we will have succeeded in achieving one of the purest of our aims.
This should be achieved by the speakers who are set to take to the soap box later this afternoon. These speakers include students from Trinity who have been integral in the development of the occupation and its progress, and indeed campaigners from various local anti-cuts movements whose support we greatly appreciate. Everybody here is extremely excited to hear from them!
We are not just expecting to see students and tutors there outside reception, but also other members of staff from the university. The threats that these recent developments pose to our education, our institution and indeed everybody who is employed within it are very real. This growing concern inspires us to let the truth be known and encourage everyone involved with Leeds Trinity to join us in fighting back against these cuts, not just for your own sake, but for the future of everybody here.
Tomorrow is our organisations attempt to create a united front for Leeds Trinity University College encompassing students, tutors, staff, supporters and everybody interested or involved with the movement. Only by coming together can we fight back against the destructive Con-Dem cuts and ensure that our institution remains a place for minds to blossom and personalities to bloom. There are alternative ways to deal with the financial situation we find ourselves in, both on a local and national level, and this is something people need to hear.
It’s been a lot of fun, morale is high and momentum is growing. This rally could now be our moment as students, academics and employees to show the powers that be that we will not sit by and allow these cuts to destroy something great, when there are clear alternatives to be pursued. All of us at the occupation and everybody involved in the movement urge you to come join us and get involved in the rally, have a great time chanting and singing, and be a part of something which could hopefully be a turning point for the better.

There has been a shift in attitude yet again in the occupation. After another very serious talk about what is next for all of us, we are looking at how we can spread out and get the information we have to people. As some people are now finished their week of refreshing and others are just coming back to uni, we are looking at a full uni (except placement second years and some exceptions) for the first time in occupation. This should mean more support and more opposition. Either way, we are happy, there is plenty to say and there are plenty of people to get into it with but with the campaign literally becoming “save Trinity” now, there is a new fight.
Cameron and Clegg are the worst form of people, they feed on the people who are already poor and don’t even consider what their lives must be like. There are projects where an MP will spend a day or two in a council estate but actually, even when they do that they cheat and take along a mobile phone. They would not live in the conditions millions of people are expected to every day and it is disgusting. How can someone lead who has no idea what it is like to be even their average constituent? That is hardly the point at the minute though, there is a far greater demon in our midst and its name is closure. Leeds Trinity University College is at risk of closure or worse, resale to another university. We have had confirmation from Principal Freda Bridge that there is a serious risk at Trinity but there are worse things coming and more.
Many people at Trinity are not that politically aware and we think, apart from that being a shame, it is our duty as a politically motivated (though unaffiliated) group to explain some of the things that are not wider knowledge. We are all stakeholders at the university and it is with great sadness we face the prospect of its closure but does that also mean we should be made liars of in case there is a chance of us getting through and taking these draconian cuts? I wouldn’t think so. What is the point of being a well educated, community reinforcing, and active member of society following a degree, if we are forced to lie or cover up what we know to allow a business to essentially potentially continue? Is there any integrity in ensuring that people will be alright to continue the lie the government are utilising to ensure that the back-biting is aimed at each other, is successful? The government have brought in these cuts but it is not going to be there on the front lines explaining to each of these people they are going to lose their jobs, their university, their disability living allowance, their job security, their homes and many other things. It is not them it is council workers, bosses, union reps and other people who do not want the cuts anyway.
Recent polls show that 73% of the country doesn’t see the need for the austerity measures and if there is a need, then it should come from the bankers and the top 2%. We don’t know how many people out there know this but in England 2% of the people control 98% of the wealth! Just imagine if that money was shared out amongst everyone else? That is another issue though and despite that, the government are still not telling these people face to face they are costing them their jobs. They are relying on managers and people who run the various places that have been cut to implement a new budget that strongly punishes the poor. We don’t find this remotely acceptable as it creates a situation that is going to hurt millions of people who don’t deserve it on many different levels.
There is an alternative however, each university has been told that it won’t close because of these cuts and we won’t allow the university to be bought off, so what is the solution? Well, quite simply it is to play the Tories at their own game. We are suggesting that the university take a leaf out of the Liverpool councils from the 80s book and just keep spending as if nothing had happened. We suggest this for the council as well actually and it is a tactic that University of Central Lancashire are also considering. It captures the very essence of what we are about as well and is frankly, a beautiful idea. It says in no uncertain terms “this money is vital for the institution, this institution is vital for the larger community and because of that, we are defiant of a government that lied their way in and cheated their way up, we will NOT be your hired assassins and we will NOT sell our integrity for fear of what you will do to us!”
If you don’t agree with any of that, if you don’t have the strength to claim that last statement yourself, if you have read all of that and don’t understand, come challenge us about it. There are several community events coming up, including a banner making session on Wednesday 19 in the evening at the front of the occupation. We are in here 24 hours a day, come and challenge us, come and ask questions or come and prove that you are not going to be made another liar, who will say anything to save their own skin while damning others to the poverty line! We know the Trinity students have integrity, now we are asking them to prove it.