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Hello All

It has been some time since the WordPress page has been active, although you may be aware LTSAC as a body of students has still been continuing its campaigns.

Since our last post members of LTSAC have gained a majority position on the Students union and as of July there official began, they hold positions in Welfare, Women’s’, men’s and general secretary positions.
As well as this other members of the students union are supportive of the work the anti cuts campaign has and continues to undertake.

You may or may not also be aware that the general Horsforth Community has set up a anti cuts movement in hope of highlighting how the governments austerity measures are and will impact the community and those living in it.

There is currently an ongoing scenario on the locality of LTSAC as recent events have seen the imminent repossession of the agreed office space (AG46) over the summer period.

We hope to continue to use this WordPress page to keep you up dated on events in the future. However, for the time being it will be largely innactive.

Thank you all
and solidarity.


The office is starting to come together, with our core group setting up campaign events in order to connect better with the student community, one of our LTSAC members is beginning to arrange entertainment that will mean that the students have a reason to spend time on campus at the weekends and not spend large amounts of money going home every week.
We have contacted a few friends and acquaintances in order to arrange music gigs on campus, but we are also looking in to events such as laser tag, these events will be arranged by LTSAC and aim to improve the ‘student experience’. If this word is banded about we feel that it should be used in a way that actually addresses what the students may want from their time at university, we want the student body to be a community and to get more involved in events and societies on the campus. We encourage the student body to attend events run at the university such as society activities, a disability awareness event later on next month which LTSAC are going to be helping the psychology society with.
We would also like to inform you that there is also going to be a Psychology Society charity event very soon in aid of a mental health charity, this will raise money for a good cause and we think will be enjoyable for all that attend so please keep an eye out for that.
The anti cuts movement is still LTSAC primary focus but we are looking at ways to get students involved in any way, even if this means popping in to our office in AS46 to have a chat or even helping out with fund raisers. We would love to see our students getting more informed about the anti cuts campaign but at the same time we want every student to feel like part of a community in which their voices are heard and their opinions matter.
So if anyone has any suggestions for helping students get involved in the anti cuts campaign just leave us a message or come and see us in the office, our door is always open to visitors and we would happily consider and appreciate any contribution to raising awareness of our campaign. We want to make this campus a place that students want to stay at on weekends, not flee as if the plague is approaching.

After leaving Occupation with a victory on some of our demands it is some what a odd transition to not be living with all the occupiers and working a 20 hour day. However, we are not just stopping because we are out. The office we have aquired as part of our demand means that we now have a official space in which to operate from, more than anything it means that everyone is less on edge about imminent eviction.

Our office in AS46 will now be the base of operations on a 9-5 Mon-Fri basis, we may have people in the office in evening and weekends but it will not be an occupation environment so people get to once again enjoy the luxuries that you take for granted. These include privacy, a warm comfortable bed at night, showers (oh how we have all missed showers) and a cooker. This is great for the vegans (and vegetarians) as veganism is something that should ideally be done properly, it also means the level of take away pizza by the carnivores will (potentially) be reduced.

We will have many campaigns in operation in the coming weeks and months including a community campaign, this is basically planning events such as music gigs, comedians, food events and workshops. We hope in doing this we can get students, lecturers and the community not only bonding but also interested in the anti cuts movements.

We are due to have some office equipment delivered at some point this week such as a office desk and some office chairs just to make operating easier, but we are also operating a 9-5, mon-fri drop in service open to anyone so we have a few comfy chairs and a more homely feel to part of the room.
We are already scheduling lots of events and meeting of other anti cuts movements in and around the area so as you will all know, There is no rest for the wicked.

Well, it certainly has been a most interesting past few days in occupation. At one point, according to some of our misguided peers, we were dead. Now whilst I do not blame them for thinking that, but come on now. To paraphrase V for Vendetta ‘you cannot kill an idea.’ Instead of fighting on the seas and oceans, we’ll fight (figuratively of course, this is a peaceful protest) in the hall ways and the classrooms to the end. We shall defend our Leeds Trinity from these moronic cuts, so that it does not rise to some great cost to our staff and to our students.
Yesterday, we were informed of the receipt of our demands. I wonder what facial expressions might have held when actually viewing the demands. Surprise? Alarm? Awe? Who knows, certainly not this humble blogger. But this shows great leaps forward by our campaign in the minds of the management of our Leeds Trinity. We have been given “support” before but this shows us a real level of interest rather than just words to cling to.
With the receipt of our demands, we have also been given key victories to give us a continual hope. The declaration has gone out and there shall be no persecution or penalisation of students acting on their legal right to protest with some small revisions to be made. This was a key demand due to the simple fact that it would be to persecute any student who maintained a perfectly legal protest.
We have also been granted a permanent office space to run our campaign from. This shows a commitment to our cause by the movers and shakers of our Trinity. This is a definitive step in the right direction for LTUC as she begins to stand against the Tory idiocy. We’re proud of our university and it seems about time that people realise this. We’re not protesting just for the sake of it. We’re protesting for a great institution. We’re protesting for the students who follow us and the staff who support and nurture our development, because we students here to have the quality of education they deserve and the staff to have that same friendly supportive environment they offer us.
Trinity is not bricks and mortar to us trinity is an ethos and one that is made unique by the students and staff that are here, we will continue to do everything we can to protect Trinity because without the staff, students and the attitudes they have to the wellbeing of our education these buildings are as important as sapphires to a cow.
Two of our demands have been met and we can’t help but feel that this is a victory for the campaign. Whilst it is not the final victory, it is still a sign of great progress. Before these demands being met and receipt of our demands being met, it was hard not to see those in high places just not taking us seriously. To some, we were just a bunch of students getting bent out of shape over something that couldn’t be helped. That is wrong. It can be helped, just look at the Poll Tax reversal. Legislation was brought in, the people resisted and the government were sent packing.
Our Trinity has seemingly turned around and shown us support as we have supported her and for this, we are grateful. There are far too many individuals and groups to thank all at once after this first palpable victory in our campaign. We must however, give special thanks to UCU and Unison for their commitment and awesome support. In the words of one of us protesters, “they’ve just generally been great” and this sentiment is one that is shared. So follow the example of these great unions and give us your support. Any form of support is useful to us and with us beginning office hours next week, with less smell and peculiarity that the occupation has been accustomed to, just drop by to AS46 at some point next week. But before next week, we have a march to do. If you’re free Saturday, why not join us in Manchester to show the government that they are wrong to take away a child’s opportunity of education? £5 gets you there and back and then we go to the SU bar to celebrate. Fun times for all.

A member of the occupation attended a student committee yesterday to see how the movement as a whole across not only Yorkshire and the north but in Britain as an entirety will begin to come together. this will include meeting dates, proposed plans and so forth.
The meeting involved members from schools, colleges the community and the universities(Leeds Met,Leeds uni and Leeds Trinity).

some progress came of meeting as a movement and it once again meant that new connections were formed for everyone, this included a donation suggestion from a member of the Leeds Trade council which is very much appreciated and a member is due to visit us during the week.
We have some other events going on during the remainder of this week, but as many of you will be aware the room we are occupying is due to be under construction.
This construction is not only unwanted by the staff (who’s social space it is) but is also due to be a considerable amount of money, based on this we have now been told by our liaison with management that that construction will be starting Thursday 27th Jan.
Due to this deadline it will mean that we are going to be asked to move on that date which may be a contentious issue.

As such we have once again stated that we want some movement on our demands we are not happy with the level of respect or recognition that management has been giving us. It not only shows a unwillingness to follow through on the ‘support’ we are supposed to be getting it also shows a lack of support and care for the national economical situation as well as the ideological assault of the poor.

Continued support for our campaign has been great with a vegan food delivery from a friend and a supportive visitor from the leeds college of music bringing a big shop for us. this is greatly received!

Our biggest concern this week other than the impending building work deadline is getting people to Manchester March on the 29th.
If anyone from Leeds trinity would like to go to the march this Saturday in Manchester (staff or student) come and visit us in occupation and we will sign you up for a minimal charge of £5 pounds.

The demonstrations are an important aspect of the campaign as the vast numbers that take to the streets are a automatic representation of social change and the more voices and feet on the street the more we can make change happen.

Keep reading, keep supporting and keep fighting.
Solidarity and good health


The Lord’s Day…

A day for the masses to rest, relax and generally, do nothing. Infuriatingly, for those of us who are fully aware that certain jobs are literally a case of 24/7, it becomes a painfully annoying day. Whilst there were no plans to perform any great tasks today, it becomes obvious to us, as during the week we are ridiculously busy, how little is achieved during these days. I am not sure whether it is because they are a weekly occurrence or whether it is just painful for individuals who are usually so active in our fight with the Tory government. Sorry, our “Coalition” government.

But there is one thing that we can do during these “down” days. We can think. And whilst some would say that thinking is a waste of our time and our time would be better spent traipsing around campus declaring to the alarming lack of students on campus that we are here, I would disagree. These days mean that not only are we able to consolidate our ideas, we are also able to free our minds of items that would take time from us during the week. And it is during the week when everyone with whom we must meet and greet is available, which means that our weekend must be spent free from distractions.

So whilst today is a day that will not be looked back on as a turning point in the campaign, there are others that will. January the 29th, an essential date for your diary if you are a member of Leeds Trinity (be you student or staff). LTSAC are putting on coaches to take anyone interested to Manchester to a march and rally which is aimed to protest against the cuts into Access to Education and Higher Education funding. This protest is vital, because the government needs to know that it is not ok to prevent people being educated.

Our government, in their infinite wisdom, seem to have decided that the best method of advancing our country and breaking free of the recession, is to discriminate against those who had the least to do with the deficit that our country stares at everyday. And instead this, maybe we should look at how we can fix our “broken Britain“. Perhaps that would be a good use of our governments time, instead of just diverting attention from real issues and cutting funding from areas where it is needed. free ante natal classes are being cut, putting both pregnant women and their unborn children at risk. When did our politicians become so worryingly devious, underhanded and just plain wrong?

Today started just like any other in the occupation. Early and with bones cracking and creaking. But in all seriousness, that might just be because of old bones in a young body. But I digress. This morning started very well due to the delivery of a package of brownies which is clear symbolism for hope, joy and various other good emotions. So whilst we may be sore, we are filled with joy and later on, brownies will be there also.

Our happiness is not solely dependant upon the food stuffs that people donate to us however. We have been energised, and imbued with a subtle joy, yesterday by the first ever Rally to occur at Leeds Trinity, which was organised by the LTSAC. This Rally brings two things to mind. One is that once people are aware of what is actually happening and how bad the cuts are, they immediately want to stop them. Secondly, it shows that we, as students and staff, can make noise as varying students who decided that lunch time was actually a myth and should be slept through, were awakened by the anger and sense of injustice that flowed from the Rally. Strong, passionate speakers are not only to be found within the parliament of this country, but in our very own back yard. The only difference between our yard and their houses, truth can be found.

Later on today we are doing something else that Leeds Trinity has never had, done (and possibly never heard of) before. A Silent Disco will be held in the Library at 1pm, to show that we are opposed to the merging of our Student Support Departments. Their independence and autonomy is key to the lives of the students of this institution as without it, budgets are reduced and their capability to provide the services that we need is massively degraded. I can only imagine the abase feeling that goes through the minds of our staff as they are ignored and swept under the rug. This Silent Disco (as ironic as that sounds) will be a laugh and an opportunity to strut your stuff to your own tunes, so come down and show your support to the boys and girls who keep your degree on track. Even if you aren’t a student, come down any way because it’ll be a load of fun and the SSD’s need our support.

Also today we get the “fun” of a meeting with the conservative MP for Pudsey, Stuart Andrew where we get to find out he feels about the cuts. We need to know where our MP’s stand on this and whether or not they will have just been toeing the party line to avoid troublesome attention from the whips. Whilst I am not insinuating people have done this, we have to admit that if it comes down to your job or doing what is right, there are some individuals out there who will always lean towards the security of their job.