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The anticipation within the group is palpable ahead of this afternoon’s rally, which could prove to be vitally important for our campaign. At 1pm we will be gathering outside reception on campus along with tutors, staff and students from the university, as well as some supporters from outside Trinity. This rally will be the first of its kind in the history of the college, and we are hoping for a huge success to help spearhead our movement.
There has been much preparation leading up to this afternoon over the previous week, including flyering across campus to get the word around, using Facebook to publicise the event and a banner painting session last night at the occupation. It’s been both stressful and fun utilizing the effort of everybody involved to try and make this afternoon as great as possible. Now, we wait.
One of the things we hope for most to come from today is that tutors will come out in their droves to support our cause, stand side by side with us and demand justice for education. The very least we expect from the rally is to raise awareness of the issues which now plague our education system, both locally and nationally. If we can inform students on campus of the problems they may face as a result of these savage and poorly orchestrated cuts, we will have succeeded in achieving one of the purest of our aims.
This should be achieved by the speakers who are set to take to the soap box later this afternoon. These speakers include students from Trinity who have been integral in the development of the occupation and its progress, and indeed campaigners from various local anti-cuts movements whose support we greatly appreciate. Everybody here is extremely excited to hear from them!
We are not just expecting to see students and tutors there outside reception, but also other members of staff from the university. The threats that these recent developments pose to our education, our institution and indeed everybody who is employed within it are very real. This growing concern inspires us to let the truth be known and encourage everyone involved with Leeds Trinity to join us in fighting back against these cuts, not just for your own sake, but for the future of everybody here.
Tomorrow is our organisations attempt to create a united front for Leeds Trinity University College encompassing students, tutors, staff, supporters and everybody interested or involved with the movement. Only by coming together can we fight back against the destructive Con-Dem cuts and ensure that our institution remains a place for minds to blossom and personalities to bloom. There are alternative ways to deal with the financial situation we find ourselves in, both on a local and national level, and this is something people need to hear.
It’s been a lot of fun, morale is high and momentum is growing. This rally could now be our moment as students, academics and employees to show the powers that be that we will not sit by and allow these cuts to destroy something great, when there are clear alternatives to be pursued. All of us at the occupation and everybody involved in the movement urge you to come join us and get involved in the rally, have a great time chanting and singing, and be a part of something which could hopefully be a turning point for the better.

And so another day in the occupation draws to a close. And whilst our bodies are tired and our minds are blurring, our focus remains the same. We must stop the cuts.
We must remind not only our fellow students, but Britain itself that it is not the people of our country who should fear the politicians but it is entirely the other way around.

Today has been a busy and productive day. Having a stall in the main reception area, with a variety of bright, keen and youthful faces adorning it, has yielded more results for us. Our petition has grown in number and we now sit proudly with over 200 names that stand with us in rejecting the Condem cuts.

As awareness is raised, we have seen that more and more people are interested in us and the message we are trying to raise awareness over. Perhaps that is what is so worrying about these Government decisions. People just haven’t been informed. Surely the Government should inform the people who voted them in, exactly what they are doing with the power that they now have responsibility for?
The same goes for the university, as stake holders in the future of this university students have the right to know the stability of the institution.

Not only have we had the joy yielded from petitioning but we are also filled with a certain, giddy feeling that only the visit of a national newspaper can bring. For a fair length of the day, we were graced (because she was lovely) by the presence of Anne Czernik, who is a independent reporter doing a mention for the Morning Star, who was curious not only about what we stood for but who we actually are. Photographs were taken, opinions were heard and all in all, it was enjoyable to get a serious message across in a creative way, and there shall be an article this Saturday that will in all probability, have a much better written style than this blog.

Today we have also been given a grand boon to our mental well being. Petition are in the area of 260 signatures so far and this is without the return of our other supports copies as of yet. We have a grand realisation upon us. Tomorrow at 1:00 O’ Clock, 13:00 hours or whatever you want to refer to it as, we have our rally. As far as everyone is aware, it is the first rally that is ever happening on the Leeds Trinity campus. So not only are we the first occupation but we’re having the first rally (it is rare for a student to get to blow their own horn, please allow for a small amount of it). We are excited as to what the future holds for us, especially as it is so soon. It’d be amazing for you to join us tomorrow and to show the support that has already proved so great. We are united and the people united, can never be defeated.

Its day four and the general mood of the community has a determined aura to it, despite the group being spread out today- with several members attending a protest in Leeds. Nonetheless, the growing passion of the group against the cuts is in correlation with the stench filling the room- the stench of progression, one Nick Clegg will have long forgot. Now there’s increased activity in the letter campaign and the political humour of us all becoming dryer than a celibate’s… Mouth? Yes, mouth, because celibacy is thirsty work.

This is furthered by such recent updates as the Government’s climb-down on the banking levy (Link at bottom of page.) This cheeky little bill was passed through right under the countries noses, when we were all in a kerfuffle about this education lark, the government- the cheeky little minx, passed through a bill lowering the amount the banks will have to pay back to the tax payer after our generous bail out during the recession. Instead of the £3.5 billion the banks were supposed to pay back per annum, it has decreased by a billion to £2.5 billion. Despite this appearing  minimal you have to take in an account this was on the very same day the government tried to convince us that education cuts were a necessity and that there was no money elsewhere. Well, personally, we see some money right there- in fact; we see an approximate billion pounds sterling right there.

Yet, moving away from this and turning to the solidarity of us and other occupations- A word that makes like everyone here the physical personification of cool and making it completely acceptable to call people you’ve never met before ‘comrade.’  As we’ve received lots of support from other occupations, from Skype, Twitter and Facebook (Links below) it only seems fitting for solidarity reasons to give a commemorative shout out to those supporting the same cause elsewhere around the country: Goldsmith University Occupation, Manchester College Occupation, Newcastle University Occupation, Brighton University Occupation, University Central London Occupation, Bristol Occupation, Bath Occupation, York Occupation, London Met Occupation, University College London Occupation, Cardiff Occupation and any others currently going on. Solidarity…comrades (Damn, it sounds awesome.)

Finally, we have a press conference with Yorkshire Evening Post on Monday about the campaign and the occupation, we will keep you informed on the movement of this so keep following our blog posts.

Thank you for your continued support.


Also, big shout out to UCL occupation for this absolute gem of creativity, congratulations:


As the occupation goes into the third day, the mood has lifted this morning (Mainly due to a first change of underwear since the occupation began and the delivery of hours of entertainment in the form of Futurama DVDs thanks to our supporters.) After a long day of petty banter from the House of Commons and the most disturbing news for students this year being announced, there was a meeting to decide what action would be taken. Initially the mood was down and people were shocked with a feeling of disappointment, especially those whose vote was obtained on false promises. After discussion however, the mood lifted and a new-found determination for the campaign was apparent straight away.

With this new-found enthusiasm the group has democratically decided to have a day of leafleting, outlining how this is by no means the end of the fight, despite the recent news and that we have to move forward and progressively develop the campaign as a community. Moving forward, the letter writing campaign is well under way with contributions from many members. Ranging from the hilarious witticisms of the group while staring a bleak future in the face, to some expressing sheer anger caused by broken promises and then many thanks, to journalists full of support and those MPs who kept their pledges.

There will be a press release coming from the community in the occupation today. There are a list of demands from the occupation, for the government, local councils and Institutions that provide Higher Education. As we begin to gain support from the university, the community, staff and students, the rebirth of determination has allowed these actions to gain strength, information and commitment.

Generally the mood is good; despite some late night interruptions from people we can only assume were sent by Cameron, Clegg or a brewery, the night was a much more peaceful one. After some rest, the energy levels are on the way back up and we are acclimating well. While people prepare for final exams, the year continues to be a positive one, in the face of discrimination, prejudice and ideological assault, everyone is much happier with coffee and tinned goods.