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People keep asking me why I’m still in this office and what I’m doing, well im working to inform people about the affect of the governments cuts and stressing out day after day to get myself heard. I tell people that it’s because I’d rather work to try and create a decent future, rather than let the government take control of everything that is good left in this country and rip it to pieces. My future, everyones future is at stake. We work on the anti-cuts campaign because we want the people in charge to get the message that they are wrong, it’s not ok, and yes you do have to leave number ten. The direct attack on the Arts, for example has become a genuine concern, the devaluation of arts and humanities is writhe in the air with funding cuts and slanderous propaganda, even Russell group universities deeming them to be an easy option as ‘soft subjects’ and therefore of less value. This attitude is both appalling and untrue with many humanities subjects showing the same level of difficulty as science and maths based causes, which are held in such high regard by the Russell Group.

This has come after much concentration on the cutting of funding for any non-core subject. The clocks really are turning back, to a point where universities will be full of the rich and the lower classes will be taught to function as a body only to serve its country. This whole strict curb on the arts and humanities is simply an attack on individualism, something everyone in the U.K and indeed the world is entitled to. we pride ourselves on being a democracy. the country is becoming, little by little, the controlled state you see in some of the movies. With every gesture that the condems say they will put forward, they sweep under the proverbial carpet countless little freedoms and lifelines thousands depend on. They are attacking the people of this country and the people have and will start fighting back.

Solidarity and good health


As students fighting for education it can sometimes be forgotten by onlookers that we don’t all just refer to our own education, we refer to education for the masses, we refer to the education our younger brothers and sisters should have the opportunity to have. Sometimes the student movement can be seen as something that people will suggest is self interested and even just an excuse to kick off about.
However, this is not, never has been and never will be the case. The student anti cuts movement is one that wants to see equality and the standards of academic institutions to be able to offer experienced supportive lecturers, who have time to spend with their students and offer a high standard of education.
An article in the guardian this morning states:
‘Universities admit ‘soft’ A-levels damage chance of top places’.
Shocking statement isn’t it? Well if you read on it actually states that this is the opinion of Russell group universities, the most prestigious universities in the country fall under the Russell group, these universities are backed by some of the wealthiest people here and abroad.

So what this article actually suggests is ‘Countries richest hate humanities and arts’.
Seems to be a continuing theme in education as of late, instead of being able to freely choose the subjects you would like and to develop your education in order to go on to your chosen career, we are all being funnelled in to specific courses like drones being trained for a specific purpose.

We all have a right to education and we all have the right to choose our field of interest!
We won’t be told that our subjects are of ‘less value’ or ‘bogus’. As a student who took Psychology at A level and is now continuing it at university, I can tell you that this ‘Pseudo science’ as suggested by many is just as valuable and just as difficult in terms of content as any maths or science degree.

The devaluation of subjects by our country’s wealthiest and ‘elite’ population is something that cannot continue, this government is ever increasing its progression towards an elitist culture in which its poorest and most vulnerable are ideologically attacked, systematically and without remorse.

When you look at this government and the things the anti cuts movement are combating, is it really so hard to believe that the systematic assault by the richest minority on the poorest majority in this country is simply a smaller piece of a greater Elitist culture?

We are fighting for your right to education, we are fighting for your right to individuality and we are fighting for your right to equality. We are fighting because we are passionate that everyone deserves these things, we are fighting for school kids, college kids, university students, mothers, brothers, sisters, fathers, lecturers and the whole of this country.

We won’t be ignored and we won’t be silenced.
Solidarity and good health.

Well, it certainly has been a most interesting past few days in occupation. At one point, according to some of our misguided peers, we were dead. Now whilst I do not blame them for thinking that, but come on now. To paraphrase V for Vendetta ‘you cannot kill an idea.’ Instead of fighting on the seas and oceans, we’ll fight (figuratively of course, this is a peaceful protest) in the hall ways and the classrooms to the end. We shall defend our Leeds Trinity from these moronic cuts, so that it does not rise to some great cost to our staff and to our students.
Yesterday, we were informed of the receipt of our demands. I wonder what facial expressions might have held when actually viewing the demands. Surprise? Alarm? Awe? Who knows, certainly not this humble blogger. But this shows great leaps forward by our campaign in the minds of the management of our Leeds Trinity. We have been given “support” before but this shows us a real level of interest rather than just words to cling to.
With the receipt of our demands, we have also been given key victories to give us a continual hope. The declaration has gone out and there shall be no persecution or penalisation of students acting on their legal right to protest with some small revisions to be made. This was a key demand due to the simple fact that it would be to persecute any student who maintained a perfectly legal protest.
We have also been granted a permanent office space to run our campaign from. This shows a commitment to our cause by the movers and shakers of our Trinity. This is a definitive step in the right direction for LTUC as she begins to stand against the Tory idiocy. We’re proud of our university and it seems about time that people realise this. We’re not protesting just for the sake of it. We’re protesting for a great institution. We’re protesting for the students who follow us and the staff who support and nurture our development, because we students here to have the quality of education they deserve and the staff to have that same friendly supportive environment they offer us.
Trinity is not bricks and mortar to us trinity is an ethos and one that is made unique by the students and staff that are here, we will continue to do everything we can to protect Trinity because without the staff, students and the attitudes they have to the wellbeing of our education these buildings are as important as sapphires to a cow.
Two of our demands have been met and we can’t help but feel that this is a victory for the campaign. Whilst it is not the final victory, it is still a sign of great progress. Before these demands being met and receipt of our demands being met, it was hard not to see those in high places just not taking us seriously. To some, we were just a bunch of students getting bent out of shape over something that couldn’t be helped. That is wrong. It can be helped, just look at the Poll Tax reversal. Legislation was brought in, the people resisted and the government were sent packing.
Our Trinity has seemingly turned around and shown us support as we have supported her and for this, we are grateful. There are far too many individuals and groups to thank all at once after this first palpable victory in our campaign. We must however, give special thanks to UCU and Unison for their commitment and awesome support. In the words of one of us protesters, “they’ve just generally been great” and this sentiment is one that is shared. So follow the example of these great unions and give us your support. Any form of support is useful to us and with us beginning office hours next week, with less smell and peculiarity that the occupation has been accustomed to, just drop by to AS46 at some point next week. But before next week, we have a march to do. If you’re free Saturday, why not join us in Manchester to show the government that they are wrong to take away a child’s opportunity of education? £5 gets you there and back and then we go to the SU bar to celebrate. Fun times for all.

And so another day in the occupation draws to a close. And whilst our bodies are tired and our minds are blurring, our focus remains the same. We must stop the cuts.
We must remind not only our fellow students, but Britain itself that it is not the people of our country who should fear the politicians but it is entirely the other way around.

Today has been a busy and productive day. Having a stall in the main reception area, with a variety of bright, keen and youthful faces adorning it, has yielded more results for us. Our petition has grown in number and we now sit proudly with over 200 names that stand with us in rejecting the Condem cuts.

As awareness is raised, we have seen that more and more people are interested in us and the message we are trying to raise awareness over. Perhaps that is what is so worrying about these Government decisions. People just haven’t been informed. Surely the Government should inform the people who voted them in, exactly what they are doing with the power that they now have responsibility for?
The same goes for the university, as stake holders in the future of this university students have the right to know the stability of the institution.

Not only have we had the joy yielded from petitioning but we are also filled with a certain, giddy feeling that only the visit of a national newspaper can bring. For a fair length of the day, we were graced (because she was lovely) by the presence of Anne Czernik, who is a independent reporter doing a mention for the Morning Star, who was curious not only about what we stood for but who we actually are. Photographs were taken, opinions were heard and all in all, it was enjoyable to get a serious message across in a creative way, and there shall be an article this Saturday that will in all probability, have a much better written style than this blog.

Today we have also been given a grand boon to our mental well being. Petition are in the area of 260 signatures so far and this is without the return of our other supports copies as of yet. We have a grand realisation upon us. Tomorrow at 1:00 O’ Clock, 13:00 hours or whatever you want to refer to it as, we have our rally. As far as everyone is aware, it is the first rally that is ever happening on the Leeds Trinity campus. So not only are we the first occupation but we’re having the first rally (it is rare for a student to get to blow their own horn, please allow for a small amount of it). We are excited as to what the future holds for us, especially as it is so soon. It’d be amazing for you to join us tomorrow and to show the support that has already proved so great. We are united and the people united, can never be defeated.